Huawei’s Promise Not to Manufacture Cars to Expire in 2023

The promise that “Huawei will not make cars” is about to expire next year. Back on October 26, 2020, Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, issued a Huawei EMT document saying that the company would not enter the vehicle manufacturing furor and instead focus on ICT technology to help vehicle manufacturers produce better products. However, the document concluded with the line: “This document will take effect from the date of publication and will be valid for 3 years.”

This document was published on the internal community of Huawei employees in November 2020. If calculated according to the date marked on the date the document was signed (on October 26, 2020), then Huawei’s promise not to enter the vehicle manufacturing field will expire in another year and a half.

In the Executive Management Team (EMT) document, not only would Huawei not manufacture vehicles, but it would aim to become an incremental component provider of intelligent and connected vehicles cars.

In the past year or two, although Huawei has not been manufacturing vehicles, it has been investing in the field.

Huawei has previously reached agreements with BAIC Group, Changan Automobile, GAC Motor and other manufacturers, and launched models using Huawei’s intelligent and connected vehicle solutions, such as the Alpha S HI (Huawei Inside) Edition. It also worked with Changan Automobile to release its Avatr 11.

At Huawei’s last winter product launch event in December, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, officially released the AITO M5, the first model jointly designed by Huawei and SERES, a subsidiary of Sokon Group, which is positioned at the middle and high-end cars and belongs to the intelligent luxury electric SUV space.

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On July 4, Yu announced the release of the AITO M7, a luxury and intelligent large electric SUV, which is divided into three versions and priced at 319,800 yuan ($47,682.18). The car is equipped with Huawei’s HarmonyOS intelligent console. In addition, the AITO M7 supports L2 + ADAS intelligent assisted driving.