Huawei Unveils Products Equipped with New HarmonyOS 3

Chinese tech giant Huawei officially released its HarmonyOS 3, MatePad Pro, MateBook X Pro, FreeBuds Pro 2 and many other new products on the evening of July 27.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Terminal BG and CEO of the company’s Smart Car Solution BU, announced that HarmonyOS 3 will be made available for upgrade in September for previous consumers. The AITO M5, the first pure EV model of the AITO brand built by Huawei and Seres, will be officially released in September with reservations starting July 27.

HarmonyOS 3

HarmonyOS 3 (Source: Huawei)

HarmonyOS 2’s upgrade rate has reached 77% with more than 300 million units now having been upgraded to HarmonyOs 2. HarmonyOS 3 has been completely updated and optimized on the basis of the previous generation.

Twelve devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart screens, speakers, earphonse, watches, ink tablets, monitors, printers, smart glasses and car systems all support connections and integration into HarmonyOS 3.

A Huawei account is the passport to the HarmonyOS world. Through Huawei’s unique automatic calculation and generation algorithm, the operating system can more accurately grasp the facial features of users and create virtual images for users.

HarmonyOS 3 introduces a privacy center and security center, and upgrades the application’s access to personal information and device security status much more transparent and controllable.

Based on its self-developed map engine, Huawei launched a ride-hailing platform named “Petal Travel.” Supported by the HarmonyOS 3, users can hail a taxi through the smartphone, tablet or computer. At present, it has brought together high-quality taxi providers in China, such as Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur, T3 Travel, and UCAR Inc.

Huawei MatePad Pro

MatePad Pro (Source: Huawei)

The new Huawei MatePad Pro is the world’s first tablet equipped with HarmonyOS 3, bringing three new functions: multi-device communication sharing, remote operation of PCs, and PC application engines, which makes the tablet integrate the advantages of smartphone and computer in one device. Users of the tablet can now share messages from their smartphone, remotely operate their computer, and enjoy PC applications on the tablet.

The new Huawei MatePad Pro is currently the lightest 11-inch tablet in the world, with a thickness of only 5.9 mm and a weight of 449 g. At the same time, it is equipped with a 120Hz OLED screen which enables it to achieve a screen-to-body ratio of 92%.

The all-new MatePad Pro is also equipped with Huawei’s note-taking software which can be integrated with HarmonyOS 3 to improve work efficiency. Its price ranges from 3499 yuan to 7699 yuan ($518 – $1,139).

Huawei MateBook X Pro

MateBook X Pro (Source: Huawei)

As a product for high-end businessmen, professionals and white-collar workers, the new MateBook X Pro makes breakthroughs in the domain of light-weight computers.

The computer’s processor adapts a 12th generation Intel Core processor and is equipped with a smart conference solution combining software and hardware, which integrates Huawei’s AI capabilities into smart conference situations.

Huawei MateBook 14s

MateBook 14s (Source: Huawei)

The Huawei MateBook 14s is about 1.43 kg light and 16.7 mm thick and is equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core processor, 2.5 K touch screen supporting 90Hz refresh rate. Huawei’s AI capability provides support for the computer for daily conference use with three specific features: intelligent eye, AI sound effects and intelligent voice.

Huawei Smart Screen S86 Pro

Smart Screen S86 Pro (Source: Huawei)

The Huawei Smart Screen S86 Pro is equipped with a magnetic AI camera and anti-glare screen, and also supports automatic brightness level, portrait tracking, distance and sitting posture reminder, 3D bone joint recognition and other functions.

It adopts a six-unit sound system and supports wireless connections with four Sound Xs to form an immersive home theater environment. Relying on the HarmonyOS 3, the TV control can be directly installed through smartphone apps enabling users to eliminate several tedious functions associated with other physical TV operations. The Huawei Smart Screen S86 Pro is priced at 13,999 yuan ($2,072).

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2

FreeBuds Pro 2 (Source: Huawei)

The Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 are equipped with a super-sensing acoustic dual-unit system which adopts two independent sound system units. The new earphones are equipped with a newly upgraded triple hearing optimization algorithm which can dynamically detect different ear canal structures, ear placement and volume in real time, and then appropriately optimize listening effects.

The FreeBuds Pro 2 features a triple-mic array that offers 15% more ANC performance with up to 47dB of noise cancellation. It supports up to 30 hours of battery life, and has three color schemes of blue, white and silver, with a price of 1299 yuan ($192).

Huawei WATCH 3 Pro new

WATCH 3 Pro (Source: Huawei)

The Huawei WATCH 3 Pro now joins the vascular health research initiative started by the China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care to support the screening of arteriosclerosis risks and active vascular health management at home. It also supports heart rate monitoring, body temperature measurement and other functions.

Equipped with HarmonyOS 3, the smartwatch is able to cooperate with smartphones to quickly start remote photography and fitness exercises while supporting up to 21 days of daily use.

In addition, the Huawei S-TAG and Huawei WATCH FIT mini also made an appearance at the event. The Huawei S-TAG supports motion posture detection and provides running posture guidance. The Huawei WATCH FIT mini adopts a classic square design for the dial plate, supports two weeks of battery life and women’s health management.

The price range of the Huawei WATCH 3 Pro new is 2999 yuan to 3699 yuan ($444 – $547) while the Huawei WATCH FIT mini is priced at 499 yuan ($74). The Huawei S-TAG will retail for 299 yuan ($44) for the standard edition and 499 yuan ($74) for the elite edition.

PixLab V1 printer

Huawei PixLab V1 (Source: Huawei)

As the first color printer equipped with the HarmonyOS 3, the Huawei PixLab V1 not only inherits the simple operability of Huawei’s original printer, but also provides greater performance based on Huawei’s self-developed primary color printing engine. By touching the share function with their smartphone, users can start printing right away which should help reduce overall printing difficulties. With a price tag of 1499 yuan ($222), the printer will go on sale August 3.

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