Huawei Unveils Nova 9 Series Mobile Phone

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei unveiled its Nova 9 series mobile phones at a press conference on Thursday night, with price tags starting from 2699 yuan ($418) for the Nova 9 and 3499 yuan for the Nova 9 Pro. The Huawei Nova 9 series has already opened for pre-order and the first sale will be on September 29.

At the press conference, He Gang, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei’s consumer business and president of Huawei’s consumer business mobile phone product line, announced that the number of users of Huawei’s recent HarmonyOS upgrade has exceeded 120 million. The company’s Nova series, meanwhile, has sold over 190 million units.

Huawei’s new phones are equipped with the Snapdragon 778 4G chip and have a screen refresh rate of 120Hz. The standard version uses a 32-megapixel 4K single camera while the Pro version uses two 32-megapixel 4K front cameras and rear cameras.

Through the camera’s binocular stereo vision engine, the self-portrait picture mode of Huawei Nova 9 series is much more vivid than others in its class. The Nova 9 Pro, meanwhile, consists of a 50MP quad-camera system featuring a 50 RYYB main camera.

Nova 9 Pro adopts AIS handheld anti-shake technology, which keeps the picture clear while in motion, particularly when users are walking. In addition, the 3-Mic stereo set up can capture better sound while users are recording videos.

Aiming at the needs of younger users, the Nova 9 series brings with it the multi-camera mode. When shooting a video, the video feed can be recorded at different angles in combination with nearby mobile phones and tablet devices equipped with HarmonyOS. At the same time, the Nova 9 series can be connected with Huawei’s WATCH 3 as a remote control and can also be paired with FreeBuds 4 for wireless recording.

The Huawei Nova 9 uses a 4300mAh battery and supports 66W fast charge, while the Pro version uses a 4000mAh battery and supports Huawei’s 100W super fast charge. The Nova 9 Pro has also upgraded the device’s heat dissipation abilities by doubling the VC liquid cooled radiator and implementing an ultra-high thermal conductivity graphene heat sink.

The Nova 9 Series will support communication sharing with other devices, such as Huawei’s Tablet. The phone also features upgraded privacy security, including automatically blurring the speaker’s avatar and hiding location information when sharing WeChat screenshots.

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Huawei also introduced a new color design for their MatePad 11 at the press conference. The new tablet is priced at 3,299 yuan for the 6G + 256GB version. At the same time, the company’s Watch Fit has added two new colors, island blue and grapefruit red, with a price tag of 799 yuan each. Both products will officially go on sale on September 29th. Huawei has also updated other products including its Bluetooth headsets and smart speakers.