Huawei TV to Launch in April, Targeting 10 Million Annual Sales

On March 20th, a top executive from a supply chain of Huawei TV revealed to a reporter from Jiemian News that the Huawei TV will be released next month. The 55-inch screen supplier is from Beijing Oriental Enterprise (BOE), while the supplier of the 65-inch screen comes from Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd CSOT.

There have been rumors about the launch of Huawei TV for a while now. As early as the second half of 2018, a top executive from a TV company in Shenzhen told a reporter that Huawei’s HR department reached out to him. He mentioned that both Huawei and Honor, the brand under it were interested in entering the TV industry.

“Huawei’s goal for the TV industry is to sell 10 million units a year, which is would make them first in the industry.” The same supply chain executive said that Huawei TV might possibly be equipped with dual cameras, as well as gaming and communication.

He went on to state that, “Huawei is not only focused on consumer TVs, but is also looking to expand itself into the field of commercial TVs.”

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In September last year, Liu, CEO of OnePlus, announced on Weibo that OnePlus is officially entering the field of smart housing and is already on the path to developing smart TVs. In addition, the company also revealed that it plans to use 4K-resolution OLED panels, equipped with internally developed image processing chip sets and algorithms. The estimated shipping time is also set for 2019.

However, another source from the panel industry said that it did not accept the order for OnePlus TV because the number was too small.

As a traditional industry, there have not been many technical updates in the TV industry for a long time, and the overall demand for upgrading them are seen to have slowed down. Smartphone companies entering the TV industry will definitely have a big impact on the industry.

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