Huawei Topped 2021 Global Communications Equipment Market

Data compiled by research firm Dell’Oro Group put Huawei at the top of the global communications equipment market for the second year in a row in 2021, holding a 28.7% share – up 7% year-on-year.

Ericsson ranked second at 15%, followed by Nokia at 14.9%, ZTE at 10.5%, Cisco at 5.6% and Samsung at 3.1%. In the global market excluding China, Huawei’s share was 18%, while both Ericsson and Nokia occupied shares of 20%.

The global communications equipment market grew by 7% in terms of sales in 2021, raising the total by about 20% since 2017 and reaching $100 billion with an estimated growth rate of around 4% in 2022. Statistics of interest involve broadband access, microwave and optical transport, mobile core networks (MCN), radio access networks (RAN), and SP routers and switches.

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Huawei is currently suffering a major impact on its mobile devices business because of U.S. sanctions. Its 2021 global smartphone shipments fell 81.6% to just 35 million units, while its market share plummeted from 15% to 3%. It is likely that for the time being, Huawei will concentrate its efforts on the communications equipment market, an area of growth for four consecutive years.

Nevertheless, Huawei will not confine its future development to just the communications equipment market. It was previously reported that Huawei intended to receive NAND flash memory and carry out its own packaging and testing work, and is now mounting the necessary equipment, potentially putting it into use as early as the second half of this year. Such a decision reflects Huawei’s efforts to strengthen its own semiconductor supply chain. Reportedly, Huawei is sourcing NAND flash memory from Chinese manufacturers.