Huawei Releases P60 Pro, Mate X3 Smartphones and WATCH 4 Smartwatch in Europe

On May 9, Huawei held a flagship product launch event in Munich, Germany, launching its flagship smartphones Huawei P60 Pro and Huawei Mate X3 on the European market. The firm also launched a flagship smartwatch Huawei WATCH 4 series.

(Source: Tabletowo)

Over a month ago, Huawei released the aforementioned flagship smartphones in Shanghai. He Gang, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Terminal BG, stated in an interview with the media after the press conference that, “The release of Huawei P60 series in spring means that Huawei’s product release schedule has returned to normal and that both P series and M series will be released annually.”

He added, “Despite the increasingly severe constraints of sanctions that have been imposed on us for nearly four years, we have had to overcome difficulties and continue moving forward. Last year, we released the Mate 50 series, and now the P60 series. We have overcome various obstacles.”

Huawei P60 Pro (Source: Huawei)

According to a report by The Paper, after Huawei solved product continuity issues, expanding into overseas markets became a natural progression. This time, Huawei still chose Europe as its first overseas stop.

The European market is an important battlefield for Huawei’s global expansion of its mobile phones. Previously, Huawei’s P20, P30, P40 and other smartphones have achieved success in this market. Huawei has also chosen to launch its flagship Mate series globally in Munich, Germany several times.

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In 2019, Huawei once surpassed Apple with a shipment volume of 11.72 million units and a market share of 26%, becoming the second-ranked smartphone brand in the European market. This is also the best achievement achieved by Chinese smartphone brands so far.

As for last day’s press conference, it can be seen that Huawei is very dedicated to promoting itself in overseas markets. It was more localized, and selected local spokespersons, and interacted with local consumers.