Huawei Releases Mine HarmonyOS Operating System

On Tuesday, Huawei launched a new version of its proprietary operating system, HarmonyOS, for the mining industry. This is the first time when Huawei has opened HarmonyOS for business and enabled industrial use cases with a commercial version.

In March this year, Huawei established the Coal Mine Corps whose chairman was Zou Zhilei, Huawei’s vice president. Mine HarmonyOS was jointly built by Huawei Coal Mine Corps and the National Energy Group, which will help to promote the digitalization and information-sharing of the mining industry while better ensuring the safety of workers.

Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei Consumer Business Group Software Department, said that, at present, the number of users who have upgraded their devices to HarmonyOS 2 has surpassed 100 million, with over 1.3 million registered application developers and over 1,700 equipment partners.

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At the same time, he announced the latest progress of HarmonyOS’s open source strategy. In September 2020, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation accepted the code for the basic capabilities of the smart terminal operating system donated by Huawei and then open-sourced it. In December 2020, seven groups established the OpenHarmony Project Group Working Committee under the organization of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation. In June, 2021, OpenHarmony 2.0 Canary was launched.

Mine HarmonyOS is based on the OpenHarmony project. Zou Zhilei believes that smart mining is a combination of science,  technology and mining. Only a unified industrial Internet platform can solve any problems in the industrial and construction industries.