Huawei Released 5G Autonomous Driving White Paper

On November 28, Chinese telecom giant Huawei released its white paper on autonomous driving based on its core 5G network to advance the development and integration of 5G in the field of self-driving technology.

Huawei aims to establish a set of standards for classifying autonomous driving levels by conducting extensive analysis on customer experience, labor, and network complexity.

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The white paper states that 5G network construction has entered a stage of rapid development, providing a new infrastructure for the digital economy and accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.

The company added that automation is a key driver of its 5G core network which can promote business agility, meet the diverse needs of autonomous mobility, and improve operational management efficiency.

Huawei added that it is willing to work with global operators to promote the development of autonomous driving technology based on 5G networks.