Huawei Reaches Cooperation on Automobiles With Chery and JAC Motors

Huawei’s “smart selection,” a car-making mode in cooperation with other vehicle manufacturers, has been spread widely across the automotive industry. In addition to Seres, Huawei has successively finalized business cooperation with Chery, JAC Motors and Arcfox, 36Kr reported on Tuesday, citing individuals familiar with the matter.

Huawei will contribute to at least two car models in cooperation with Chery and at least one model in cooperation with JAC Motors. In addition to the HI scheme cooperation, Huawei will develop a model based on its smart selection mode with Arcfox.

Huawei’s cooperative auto business can be divided into three categories. The most basic cooperation is to sell components, such as HarmonyOS and domain controllers. The second category is modular solution supply, such as Huawei’s HI solution. Huawei’s deepest cooperation with car companies is the smart selection business. Huawei is now cooperating with Seres to launch two models – the Seres SF5 and AITO M5 – and the follow-up cooperative model M7 has also been exposed.

Huawei will deeply participate in the product definition, core component selection and sales and service system of vehicles based on the smart selection mode. According to sources, Huawei will also establish a charging and battery swapping system. In contrast, the car companies Huawei is cooperating with focus more on the development and manufacturing of vehicle platforms.

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According to official data, the AITO M5 jointly launched by Huawei and Seres started delivery in March this year. In May, 5,006 AITO M5s were reportedly delivered, reaching a cumulative delivery volume of 11,296 units.