Huawei Reaches Cellular IoT Licensing Agreement With Nordic

Chinese technology giant Huawei recently announced a patent license agreement with Nordic. Under the arrangement, Huawei has granted Nordic and its customers a component-level license for low-power, wide-area cellular IoT standard-essential patents, with fees set in accordance with “Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory” (FRAND) principles.

With the agreement, Nordic can provide its cellular IoT customers with full legal protection and a viable, legal way to access and use Huawei’s high-value standardized cellular IoT technology. This will bring greater commercial and legal certainty to the broader IoT industry.

“Huawei has a leading portfolio of standard-essential patents in low-power wide-area LTE-M and narrowband IoT, a subset of 4G standards that are of great value to the IoT,” said Huawei’s European IP Department. The firm added: “Huawei is pleased to reach this licensing agreement with Nordic. The agreement will enable the large-scale deployment of low-power cellular IoT technologies across industries and further drive global digital transformation.”

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Nordic said: “Patent licensing in the cellular IoT space is a relatively new practice in the industry and requires a flexible program. This agreement with Huawei marks the beginning of the cellular IoT industry’s gradual adoption of the global semiconductor industry’s practice of licensing standard-essential patents based on FRAND principles.”

Fan Zhiyong, Director of Huawei’s IP Department, previously pointed out that a total of over 2 billion smartphones were licensed with Huawei’s 4G/5G patents in the past five years. Additionally, about 8 million smart cars licensed with Huawei’s 4G/5G patents were delivered to consumers every year.

In the video field, 260 manufacturers and 1 billion terminal products are now licensed with Huawei’s HEVC patents through the patent pool. As for Wi-Fi, Huawei is actively discussing the establishment of a new patent pool, which is expected to provide one-stop patent licensing for more than 3 billion Wi-Fi devices worldwide each year. In addition, Huawei is actively communicating with relevant organizations about joint patent operation programs in the field of 5G.