Huawei Partners with Meituan to Develop HarmonyOS Native Applications

On November 13th, Huawei announced a comprehensive collaboration with Meituan to innovate industries, apply technologies, and develop businesses using HarmonyOS. Huawei will fully back Meituan in launching the development of native applications for HarmonyOS.

Huawei stated that since the launch of HarmonyOS NEXT on November 25 and the full activation of HarmonyOS native applications, enterprises and developers from various fields such as finance, travel, and social networking have announced their participation in the HarmonyOS ecosystem. Previously, Meituan had already developed and adapted several features specifically based on the characteristics of the HarmonyOS system. 

Upon the release of the news, on Monday, several Huawei HarmonyOS concept stocks rocketed and hit the daily limit. As of the close on November 13th, Jiulian Technology’s stock price rose 20.04% to 11.74 yuan, Dahua Intelligent’s stock price rose 10.04% to 5.48 yuan, and Chuanzhi Education’s stock price rose 10.03% to 15.25 yuan.

Recently, multiple applications in China have announced the launch of HarmonyOS app development. On November 6th, LY.COM (formerly known as Tongcheng) announced the launch of HarmonyOS native version App development, with plans to complete core version development by the end of 2023. The initial release of LY.COM’s HarmonyOS native version app will cover functions such as flight booking, train ticket booking, hotel reservation, vacation planning, and bus ticket booking across all product lines. Business travel and other features will be updated and improved in subsequent versions.

In addition, a number of internet giants, including Meituan, have listed several job openings related to HarmonyOS. On November 8th, Meituan publicized a variety of HarmonyOS-centric roles, such as Senior HarmonyOS Engineer and HarmonyOS Infrastructure Engineer. On November 10th, NetEase refreshed the job description for their Senior Android Development Engineer role, adding the responsibility of participating in the R&D cycles of multi-platform, multi-OS products (Android, HarmonyOS, etc.) for their Cloud Music division. In a similar vein, DingTalk also announced an opening for a HarmonyOS Development Engineer, offering a competitive monthly salary range of 15,000 to 30,000 yuan. 

According to data, as of August, 2023, the HarmonyOS ecosystem boasted over 700 million devices and was supported by more than 2.2 million developers actively contributing to its development. By October 30th, the number of devices upgraded to HarmonyOS 4 had surpassed the hundred million mark.

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