Huawei Obtains New Patent for Smart Cars

On August 2, a patent applied for by Huawei entitled “Identification Method and Identification Device for Objects of Interest to Users” was formally authorized.

The patent overview shows that it relates to the field of intelligent vehicles, and the identification method comprises the following steps: obtaining the information of a user’s sight gazing area and the corresponding environment image, and obtaining the first gazing area information of the user according to the environment image. Then, the target gaze area of the user is obtained according to the information of the gazing area.

The first gazing area is used to represent a sensitive area determined by the physical characteristics of the human body, and the target gaze area is used to represent an area where the target object gazed by the user is located in the environmental image. Based on this recognition method, the accuracy of identifying objects of interest to users can be improved.

Previously, Huawei released a patent aimed at improving the accuracy of vehicle collision probability detection, which can be used in the fields of automated driving, intelligent driving or unmanned driving.

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Huawei has repeatedly stated that it will not build its own cars. Eric Xu, rotating chairman of the firm, said in 2019: “Huawei does not make cars, but will focus on ICT technology to help car companies build good cars. Huawei is committed to becoming an incremental component supplier for intelligent and connected vehicles.”

In July 2022, at the 14th China Auto Blue-Book Forum, Richard Yu, Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, introduced three modes of Huawei’s automobile business: standardized parts mode, HI (Huawei Inside) mode and Smart Selection mode. Among them, HI mode has three partners, namely BAIC Group, Changan Automobile and GAC Motor. The Smart Selection mode mainly refers to launch AITO brand in cooperation with Chongqing Sokon Seres Group, and M5 and M7 models have been launched.