Huawei Nova 3e: full screen and new colors from 1999 yuan

On March 20, Huawei held a press conference in Changsha for the release of its new mobile phone, the Nova 3e. As a new member of the Nova family, the 3e received much attention before the release, especially from young users looking forward to the changes this new type of product will bring.

The overall appearance of the Nova 3e is consistent with its pre-release photos. It is a full-screen phone with a chin at the bottom to prevent the accidental touch, following the mainstream Android smartphone design. The Huawei Nova 3e has four color versions, Midnight Black, Sakura Pink, Platinum Gold and Klein Blue, and uses a nanometer-level light dazzle texture to give the colors a water ripple effect.

The Nova 3e is designed with double glass and metal frame, with vertical dual cameras and fingerprint identification on the back. Compared to its predecessor, its weight is reduced by 29g to only 145g, and its thickness decreased by 0.3mm, while the battery capacity increased by 10 percent.

The Nova 3e is equipped with a 5.8 inch 19:9 2280×1080 pixel screen, which is easy to operate with one hand. In order to maximize the screen-to-body ratio, the phone uses a customized micro-camera. It also uses micro-handset design, circular cutting technology and multi-frequency antenna technology.

On hardware configuration, the Nova 3e is equipped with the Kirin 659 processor, supplemented by 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, with an option for 128GB internal storage.

The Huawei Nova 3e supports face unlock, which can unlock the phone in one millisecond. It also has game assistants which prioritizes RAM to games to ensure that smooth gameplay. Users can also set no-interruption mode. The phone also supports smart memory scheduling to reduce the memory required during boot, and smart memory recovery to save 50 percent of memory usage. The smart memory reservation function can speed up the memory allocation by 40 percent.

The 3e’s front camera features the 24-megapixel Sony IMX275 sensor, with resolution up by 20 percent, dark noise point down 33 percent, and color restore degree up 26 percent compared to its predecessor. The front camera also supports HDR, with imaging speed increased 50 percent. The mobile phone can beautify photographs through its built-in natural beauty algorithms. It also has a four-in-one optical technology that supports LCD smart light technology to produce better pictures.

The rear cameras consist of 16-megapixel main lens and 2 megapixel Bokeh lens. Supplemented with higher aperture modes, the 3e can highlight the photo’s main subject and blur the background.

The Huawei Nova 3e 4GB RAM and 64GB storage version is priced at 1,999 yuan ($316), and the 4GB RAM and 128GB storage version is priced at 2,199 yuan ($347). Pre-sales opened at 18:08 on March 20, and sales will start at 10:08 on March 27.

This article originally appeared in NetEase and was translated by Pandaily.