Huawei Mate 50 Series to Realize Satellite Communication Before iPhone

Richard Yu, the executive director of Huawei and CEO of its Terminal Business Group, said on September 2 in an official video interview that the firm is about to release a new technology that will “pierce the sky.” Some industry insiders have speculated that this comment means satellite communication will be realized by the upcoming Mate 50 smartphone series, which would be earlier than the iPhone.

At the end of August, a patent entitled “Satellite Communication Means and Devices” applied for by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was formally authorized. The patent abstract shows that this method can improve communication performance, reducing the energy consumption and communication complexity of the terminal equipment.

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In addition, the company has published several patents related to satellite communication. For example, a patent entitled “satellite network routing methods, devices, equipment, systems and readable storage media” can reduce the distance of information transmission in inter-satellite links, saving communication costs and improving inter-satellite routing capability in the space-earth integrated network communication scenario. The firm’s patent entitled “a wireless communication method and device” can reduce the indication overhead of parameters improving its accuracy by showing satellite parameters as reference and floating values.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities, also revealed previously that the firm will release its new smartphone model, the Mate 50, at a press conference held on September 6, which will lead the iPhone in providing emergency short message services through satellite communication supported by Beidou System.

This breakthrough technology involves the use of satellites as relay stations to forward microwave signals for communication, and its coverage is much larger than that of general mobile communication systems. Therefore, it can play an important role in emergency communication, as well as for military and national defense. Simultaneously, satellite communication is one of the important application scenarios for commercial aerospace activities. Many major technology giants have recently been boosting related projects.

Yu also said that Huawei’s imaging brand, XMAGE, will be launched for the first time on the Mate 50 series, which is the masterpiece of the firm’s computing camera technology.