Huawei Mate 50/Pro Smartphones to Adopt Variable Aperture Cameras

The autumn launch event for the Huawei Mate 50 smartphone series and full-scenario new products will be held on September 6, just one day before Apple’s new product launch event. On August 31, Huawei announced that the new Mate 50/Pro series will be equipped with six-blade variable aperture cameras.

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Huawei said in a promotional video that this camera is to have a “variable aperture and hard core control.” At present, it is not clear how the aperture can be adjusted. If it can support multiple adjustments, it is a major breakthrough in the field of smartphone cameras.

Huawei Mate 50 series engineering machine (Source: Weibo)

Previously, a Chinese web user exposed a picture of the rear camera module of the Mate 50 series engineering machine. It seems that the upper right corner of the phone has a variable aperture lens with six blades, which can control light input by adjusting the aperture. It is worth mentioning that Huawei submitted a patent entitled “Aperture, Camera Module and Electronic Equipment” last year. The patent photos show that the device has six blades to adjust apertures. This design may be used in the Mate 50 series, which is worthy of users’ anticipation.

The patent (Source: Huawei)

A prominent tech blogger with Weibo username “Digital Chat Station” also revealed that the Huawei Mate 50 series will adopt a 50MP 1/1.5 inch large sensor as the main camera, and it is likely the IMX766 sensor. The Mate 50 Pro will feature new variable aperture cameras. At the same time, on the Mate 50 series, 3X, 3.5X, 5X telephoto, IMX766, IMX688 and OV64B sensors will be unveiled.

Another blogger named “Wangzai Baishitong” said that the variable aperture cameras of the Mate 50 Pro can be adjusted between F1.4 and F4.

It is not unprecedented for smartphones to be equipped with variable aperture lenses. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 smartphone can physically adjust the aperture of its 12MP main camera lens to F1.5 or F2.4, but its lens has only two C-shaped blades.

In addition, the Sony Xperia PRO-I released last year put a 1-inch large sensor on the smartphone, but it is only adjustable in F2.0 and F4.0.