Huawei CEO Encourages Honor to “Challenge and Prosper”

Huawei CEO’s speech at Honor’s farewell party was made public on Thursday. CEO Zhengfei Ren talked about the reasons behind Honor separation from Huawei – namely, mitigating Huawei’s supply shortage – and what the company should do in the future to thrive and to connect with other advanced tech businesses in the industry. 

He also reiterated that Honor’s independence is thorough, and all ties with Huawei will be severed completely.

“Under US sanctions, Huawei has come to the realization that American politicians are not to correct us, but to beat us to death,” Ren said. “We can overcome short-term difficulties, but we do not want to burden the innocent. Our agents and distributors are losing their channels and millions of people might lose their jobs. Suppliers overstock and sales decline, causing the stock market to slump. They did nothing wrong.”

The independence of Honor is an effort to save these businesses, from suppliers to distributors, the CEO said.

He offered a few instructions on how to make the business work. The first step is to regain supplies, Ren said.

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“(Honor should) Fully embrace the global industry resources and establish relationships with suppliers as soon as possible,” Ren said. “Learn from those who are advanced, including from the one you do not like. Embrace globalization and strengthen ties with companies from the UK, the US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. As a technologically advanced country, the United States has lots of great companies, you (Honor) should be determined to cooperate with them, and collaborate and grow with domestic partners in the meantime.”

The CEO encouraged Honor to become the most competitive rival of Huawei, and use that goal as an incentive.