Huawei-backed EV Brand AITO Faces Complaints Due to Deposit Policy

AITO, a high-end new energy vehicle brand jointly created by Seres and Huawei, has been the target of consumer complaints over non-refundable deposits.

One car blogger posted that his friend bought an AITO M5 and informed the sales store that they would have to delay the pick-up of the vehicle due to epidemic prevention and control measures, the special license plate policy and high temperatures. But soon after, AITO sent the buyer a notice saying the order was void and the deposit was non-refundable.

The letter noted that more than 10 working days had elapsed since the customer was notified to pick up the car, yet the remaining payment had not been received by the company. The action is regarded as abandoning the purchase, according to AITO’s agreement for consumers. However, the buyer said that he did not sign this agreement.

AITO’s M5 and M7 model are currently on sale. Its first pure electric model, M5 EV edition, was released on September 6 and opened for pre-order after which more than 30,000 AITO M5 EVs were pre-ordered on the first day.

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However, as orders rose, AITO’s disputes with consumers over deposits have increased. On China’s complaint platforms, most posts about AITO are linked to the non-refundable deposit and salesperson’s concealment of the terms.

One consumer complained that when he paid the deposit, the salesperson did not clearly say whether the deposit could be returned, nor its time limit. Another customer said he applied for a refund, but the process took nearly three months. On the complaint platform, many consumers have been waiting more than two months for a deposit refund.

A vehicle sales consultant at a Huawei experience store told Jiemian News that buyers can pay deposits through online channels such as Huawei Mall. The salesperson said that on online contract will be issued once buyers pay the deposit. But consumers are asked to agree to the car subscription agreement and the privacy policy at the very end of the payment process. These two agreements will not automatically pop up, and consumers need to perform an extra few clicks to read them.

According to the car subscription agreement, within 72 hours after the deposit is paid, consumers can terminate the agreement, and all deposit money will be refunded.

Zhang Xiang, an expert at a think tank in China, told Jiemian News that the waiting time for AITO’s deposit refund is long, which also reflects Huawei’s disregard for consumer rights and interests.