Huawei-backed AITO to Raise Prices of M5 Next Month

AITO, a new energy vehicle brand jointly created by Huawei and Chongqing Sokon’s Seres, is the latest to raise the prices of its vehicles. The four-wheel drive version of its first model, the AITO M5, will be adjusted at 24:00 on May 5 because of rising upstream raw material costs, with the exact plan to be announced before the price increase.

In addition, AITO’s announcement on Wednesday showed that the starting price of the rear-drive version was raised by 10,000 yuan to 259,800 yuan, with the price increase beginning on April 20th.

Launched on December 23, 2021, the AITO M5 is equipped with the Huawei DriveONE electrical system and the HarmonyOS smart console. The model can generate 3.2 kWh of electricity with only one liter of fuel with the built-in 1.5T four-cylinder range extender 3.0. A fully charged and filled AITO M5 can go 1242 km, according to the China light-duty vehicle test cycle (CLTC).

The AITO M5 has a 2880 mm wheelbase, a set of 20-inch all-aluminum wheel drums and a 0.32 Cd ultra-low aerodynamic drag coefficient. Its interior is elegant and features a 10.4-inch curved full-LCD dashboard, a 15.6-inch 2K HDR intelligent central display, and a wireless charging area.

On February 25, the price of the AITO M5 was announced. After subsidy, the rear-drive standard version, four-wheel drive performance edition, and four-wheel drive premium version are priced at 249,800 yuan, 279,800 yuan, and 319,800 yuan respectively. On March 5th, the vehicle began to be delivered to customers nationwide.

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According to Sokon’s sales data, in March, the production and sales of the intelligent new energy vehicle Seres were 3,465 units and 3,160 units respectively, up 1667.86% and 1310.71% year-on-year. In view of the poor sales volume of the Seres SF5, the first model jointly developed by Huawei and Seres, in the past and the news of a suspension of production, industry insiders speculated that the production and sales volume of the AITO M5 in March was just over 3,000 units.