Huawei AR Engine Installed 1.1 Billion Times, With Access to Over 2,000 Apps

At the Future Business Ecolink Conference 2021 (FBEC2021) held today, Li Tengyue, President of Huawei’s VR/AR product line, said that the Huawei AR Engine has been installed 1.1 billion times, applied in 106 models and with access to over 2,000 applications.

According to the firm, AR Engine is geared towards augmented reality applications on Android devices. AR Engine provides basic capabilities such as motion tracking, environment tracking, human body and face tracking by integrating AR core algorithms, and provides a brand-new visual experience and interactive mode for applications.

The motion tracking ability of AR Engine is mainly to identify featured points through the cameras in terminal equipment, and track the movement and change of these featured points, so as to continuously track the position and posture of terminal equipment.

With environment tracking ability, AR Engine can identify planes (such as ground, walls and others) and objects (such as cubes, rectangles, circles and more), and can also estimate the light intensity around the planes.

The AR Engine’s human body and face tracking endows terminal devices with the ability to understand people. By locating the position of people’s hands and recognizing specific gestures, virtual objects or special effects of content can be placed on people’s hands. Combined with devices, it can accurately restore the motion tracking of 21 bone points of the hands, and perform more refined interactive control and special effects superposition. When the recognition range is extended to the whole body, the 23 key positions of the human body is used to detect the posture of the human body in real time, which provides ability support for the application development of somatosensory and sports health.

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AR Engine enjoys the advantage of integrating modules, chips, algorithms and the HarmonyOS system, and adopting hardware acceleration to provide augmented reality capability with better effect and lower power consumption. In addition, based on the unique hardware of Huawei equipment, the basic SLAM positioning and environment understanding capabilities, AR Engine also provides gesture and limb recognition interaction capabilities. It also supports the integration of HUAWEI AR Engine on many Huawei devices. So far, it has been downloaded over 1.1 billion times.