Huawei and TomTom Partner on Mapping Services

Chinese telecom giant Huawei has partnered with Dutch geolocation and mapping company TomTom on mapping software for smartphone applications.

This partnership is significant due to US-imposed sanctions against Huawei, banning the company from using Google Mobile Services, like the immensely popular Google Maps. Instead, Huawei is now partnering with TomTom to provide mapping data as the Chinese telecom behemoth continues the development of their completely independent operating system. This partnership is an example of further decoupling between the Chinese and American technology supply chain.

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TomTom will offer Huawei devices digital mapping solutions complete with live traffic information and route navigation. Meanwhile in 2019, Huawei begun the limited scale implementation of augmented reality mapping in cooperation with Cyberverse, a mixed reality service provider.

TomTom’s business is comprised of two main segments, automotive and enterprise. According to their third quarter 2019 financial results, revenue from their enterprise business increased by 21% compared to the third quarter 2018.