Huawei 5G Supports World’s First Telesurgery

A surgeon in China successfully finished the world’s first telesurgery using 5G technology, the tech provider Huawei said on Jan.10. As 5G enters the healthcare industry, patients will benefit from a wider access of remote nursing, diagnostics and operations.

“My personal experience operating with 5G and the high-definition videos it provided are almost the same as what I can get from fiber-optic transmission,” said the surgeon.

The doctor, in a research institute in southeast China, performed an hour-long hepatic lobectomy on an animal 32 miles away via a surgical robot and real-time transmission over 5G network.

The biggest challenge for remote operation is the maintenance of a fast and stable live transmission. The 5G connection provided by China’s tech giant Huawei has a wider bandwidth and lower latency to support a fast live video transmission and remote control of the robot.

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Huawei Wireless X Labs, an institute developing new applications for the wireless communication industry, has over 280 partners. It has nurtured about 48 programs in areas including telesurgery, Cloud AR/VR, drones and Internet of Vehicles.

“That’s awesome. People in my hometown can also make an appointment with a specialist, even if they are not in the big cities,” said a netizen.

Featured photo credit to Huawei