Hozon Auto Releases $470 Electric Vehicle for Children, Battery Life Lasts 8 Kilometers

Chinese automaker Hozon Auto has released the “Moxiaotong” electric vehicle for children on Wednesday, with a price tag of 2,999 yuan ($470).

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 5km/h, bears a maximum 30kg, and comes with a parental remote control. The built-in lead-acid batteries prevent the model from catching fire while charging. The soft wheels will not cause harm even if they directly run over bystanders’ feet.

The battery allows for a total driving range of 8km, which can support two hours of playing time while listening to music. The vehicle is equipped with a carefully tuned linear acceleration curve to keep children away from bumps. It comes in four color options: green, blue, red and pink.

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Not long ago, Tesla’s child model called “Cyberquad” became popular, with an official price of $1,900 before being increased nine-fold by secondary sellers. The vehicle has a cruising range of 24km and is equipped with two modes: low speed and high speed. It takes five hours to fully charge the battery with the home power supply channel.