Hoosun Completes Round D Financing

Hoosun, headquartered in Shanghai, is an intelligent device research and development enterprise. It announced on July 12 that it had completed a round D of financing worth several hundred million yuan. This round was jointly invested by Oriental Fortune Capital, Hefei Industry Investment Group, Huajin Dadao Investment, Changzhou Golden Valley, The Core Group and Gage Finance, with Winsoul Capital as financial consultant.

Founded in 2012, Hoosun focuses on three core businesses: the research and development and manufacturing of high-end equipment, intelligent production line solutions and intelligent control systems for production lines. Its business involves micro-nano powder materials in key fields such as lithium battery ternary high nickel, ferrous lithium phosphate and graphite anode.

The company has an equipment manufacturing base in Taicang and a system manufacturing base in Changzhou. Hoosun’s intelligent core team has nearly 20 years of experience in intelligent equipment research and development and intelligent production line technology. The company’s research and development team brings together experts from China and Germany in the fields of mechanical design, intelligent control, and Internet of Things.

Hoosun mastered the core technology of dispersion and grinding of nanomaterials below 50 nm by physical method, and then began working on the processing path of industrialization of nanomaterials with high efficiency, high purity and lower costs while also develloping domestic substitutions for key equipment. The company focuses on the equipment, process and formula of nanomaterial preparation, helping customers realize the transformation from laboratory “samples” to industrial “commodities”.

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Li Yuanlin, Chairman and General Manager of Hoosun, spoke about the company’s efforts: “Hoosun will increase its investment in research and development in the future, continue to work on breakthroughs in key technologies for core equipment in the field of micro-nano materials and the process path of material processing, while leading the way in the domestic substitution of new materials and equipment.”