Honor’s New MagicBook V 14 to Be Released in September

George Zhao, the CEO of Chinese consumer electronics brand Honor, revealed in an interview on August 31 that the new Honor MagicBook V 14 will be released in September, and that it will include more intelligent functions.

Zhao said, “We believe that regarding today’s laptop development, in addition to the existing normal upgrades and evolution, future technologies like the fusion scenarios, and some new demands and solutions brought by it will bring many revolutionary changes to the laptop industry. The existing products, whether they come from Apple or other brands, have not changed much. Now that the ecology has expanded, the user can form a big integration system with smartphones, tablets, watches and large screens in the future. When I use laptops, I also use other products such as smartphones as my auxiliary tools, then its capabilities will become more powerful.”

MagicBook V 14 (2021) (Source: Honor)

The company launched the MagicBook V 14 (2021) in September last year, which was equipped with the Intel 11th-generation H35 standard voltage processor, an optional MX450 discrete graphics card, the Windows 11 system and 5 MP front dual cameras, priced from 6,199 yuan ($897).

In May this year, the MagicBook 14 launched Magic OS for Windows for the first time. According to the introduction, this system is based on the underlying chips and Windows operating system, including basic technologies such as OS Turbo, GPU Turbo, LINK Turbo and security engines that have been successfully implemented on smartphones. It also supports intelligent collaborative cross-device services, such as Honor sharing, multi-screen collaboration, and phone cloning.

In addition, regarding cross-platform collaboration, the company’s developer service platform and Honor AI Space App has been launched. The Honor Connect platform is a full-scenario cooperation platform open to developers across the whole eco-industry chain. Developers can experience the capabilities of the firm’s R&D team in fields like system development, product connection and user experience design on the platform. Meanwhile, product manufacturers can also enjoy the open resources, sales channels and intelligent product solutions on the platform.

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George Zhao also revealed to the media that the firm’s MagicOS 7.0 system will be released in Q4, and it will be applied on its new generation of foldable smartphones. Zhao said: “The MagicOS 7.0 will be the core strategic investment point participating in the future global market competition. In addition to connectivity, the system’s selling points also include security and intelligent capabilities.”