Honor to Release Next-Generation Foldable Phone in Q4 With MagicOS 7.0

Honor CEO George Zhao told media in an interview on August 31 that the Chinese smartphone brand set up an independent team to develop MagicOS at the end of last year, and that this team has now emerged with MagicOS 7.0.

“Such improvements are what we see as the core strategic investment point for Honor to compete in the global market in the future. In the future, MagicOS 7.0 will provide users with not only connectivity, but also security and intelligence,” Zhao said. “From now on, every two or three months, consumers will see our continuous innovation and products and solutions that can have a strong impact on the industry among others.”

From the very beginning, Honor dedicated an R&D team exclusively to the OS system. According to Zhao, this project represents the core strategy and future of Honor, and enjoys significant strategic importance within the company.

Honor aims to build its own developer ecology around MagicOS. When MagicOS 7.0 is released Q4, Honor will host its Developers Conference, opening the core competencies based on MagicOS 7.0 to the broader industry.

Together with the release of MagicOS 7.0, Honor will release a new generation of foldable smartphones, introducing a new flagship device in the next three months. According to previous information, Honor’s new foldable smartphone features a Snapdragon 8+ flagship processor, a 5000mAh dual-core large battery, and upgraded hinge technology. This smartphone will reportedly be lighter and thinner than previous products.

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In terms of company strategy, George Zhao has said that Honor continues to actively and aggressively develop. Both in Chinese and global markets, Honor is increasing its investment, especially in R&D. Zhao said that when Honor became independent, its entire staff was close to 8,000 people, while today its R&D staff alone is close to 8,000 people, accounting for more than 60% overall.

Zhao also said that regarding R&D as a share of revenue, Honor is the highest among Chinese phone makers, and much higher than those already released in the market, at least 1.5 times to 2 times more than them, if not more.