Honor CEO George Zhao: Sub-Brand Still Under Discussion

The Honor 70 smartphone series was officially released on Monday night. Following a launch event, Honor CEO George Zhao accepted a group interview during which he responded to public queries.

Previously, news emerged that Honor would launch a sub-brand called Xingyao. Zhao said that in the past year, Honor had conducted several rounds of discussion on launching a sub-brand, but at present, the firm’s various products have met the needs of consumers. Zhao added that Honor requires further improvements to control multiple brands, so the sub-brand plan still needs to be considered for some time.

In terms of channels, Zhao said that in 2022, the number of Honor’s offline experience stores will increase from 2,000 to about 3,000. “Honor started its business through online channels at the very beginning. Although the number of offline experience stores is very small, their sales volume was maintained in a relatively healthy range because Honor has established a firm relationship with channel providers,” Zhao said.

When talking about the newly released Honor 70 smartphone series, Zhao noted that the Digital Series will be iterated once every six months, while the higher-end Magic Series will be iterated once a year.

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Honor 70 Pro (Source: Honor)

Zhao also pointed out that folding screens represent the future direction of the smartphone industry, and Honor will continue to optimize its foldable products in many aspects such as weight, thickness and dual-screen experience. Different folding schemes are all being considered by Honor, but the specific development process of each will hold different priorities.

According to data by CINNO, in April, Honor sold 2.9 million smartphones in China, up 127.7% year-on-year, ranking second in China after Apple. Zhao said that the growth was mainly due to the increasing sales of several products released in November, December and the beginning of this year, and the integration of online and offline sales channels. Zhao also revealed the progress of exploring overseas markets. At present, Honor has entered 16 markets around the world.