Honor and Microsoft Deepen Strategic Cooperation, Honor’s MagicBook V14 to Launch Soon

Chinese smartphone maker Honor and American tech giant Microsoft have announced on Thursday that they will expand their partnership as they pursue a more innovative experience for end users. The two companies will collaborate on Microsoft cloud adoption, personal and mobile computing as well as other technologies. They will also jointly promote Honor’s “1+8+N” all-scenario IoT strategy to expand into the global market.

Previously a subsidiary of leading Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, Honor only announced its independent operations in November of last year. Honor’s “1+8+N” strategy places smartphones at the core of the customer experience, eight categories of in-house devices and a wide range of accompanying products from its partners to build an intelligent, mobile and interconnected ecosystem for global users. This strategy complements Microsoft’s “Intelligent Cloud + Intelligent Edge” worldview, enabling the two companies to establish a solid foundation for strategic cooperation.

According to the strategic cooperation memorandum signed by the two companies, Honor will adopt AI speech and AI translation services based on Microsoft Azure. These services will be used to support Honor’s Smart Assistant YOYO, collaborative office, smart travel, life services, smart translation and other applications. Microsoft will also cooperate with Honor across the areas of mobile computing, PC and productivity applications. Microsoft’s resources, technical skills and global reach will also provide strong support for Honor’s global expansion.

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At the signing ceremony, George Zhao, CEO of Honor, said: “The Honor MagicBook V14 laptop will be the world’s first batch of computers to come pre-installed with Windows 11, and will be unveiled on September 26.” Products like the Honor MagicBok 16 and 16 pro, pad and smart screen will also be launched on the same day. In July, the market share of Honor’s Notebook in China had recovered to 6.6%.

Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft GCR Hou Yang said: “Microsoft hopes to accelerate the integrated development of software and hardware intelligence by continuously deepening and expanding our strategic cooperation with Honor to bring richer experiences to end users.”