Hong Kong Introduces Unmanned Bus for the First Time

On May 12th, the unmanned electric bus officially began operation in Hong Kong. It is the first time that an unmanned bus has been introduced in Hong Kong.

According to the introduction, the unmanned bus will be equipped with hardware such as radar, global positioning system, image analysis lens, closed-circuit television and remote monitoring system.

It will pick up employees in a circular manner at different locations in the airport restricted area. Each time it can carry 14 people and travel 200 kilometers after charging for 1.5 hours.

Moreover, the unmanned bus has completed 1000 tests and during its initial operation, a safety officer will be arranged to oversee passenger safety.

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According to reports, the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department’s unmanned aerial vehicle system has been under construction since 2018 and has successively introduced unmanned tow trucks, unmanned patrol cars, etc., with a total distance traveled of over 310,000 kilometers, equivalent to circling the earth eight times.

(Source: Radio the Great Bay)

It is expected that the unmanned driving system will be available for transporting passengers to and from airports, aerospace cities, and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge ports next year, and can be extended to downtown areas by 2028.