Hello Inc. Releases Annual Sustainability Report

Hello Inc., a local travel and life service platform in China, released its 2021 Sustainable Development Report on June 6, reviewing its achievements from the aspects of science and technology, low-carbon efforts and common prosperity.

According to the report, as of the end of 2021, users of Hello Inc.’s bikes nation-wide had ridden a total of 41.6 billion kilometers, reducing carbon emissions by about 1.94 million tons. Users of the company’s ride-hailing service have traveled 20.2 billion kilometers and reduced carbon emissions by more than 4 million tons. The company’s power swapping service has been used more than 100 million times which has resulted in a reduction in carbon emissions by almost 300,000 tons.

The company’s electric scooter production bases have been officially put into operation and will have an annual output of 3 million units. According to the report, the company has established three lines of defense for quality management which cover process quality monitoring, quality control of mass production, and audits for the quality management system.

In addition, Hello Inc. is continuing to support its partners in the supply chain to enhance their awareness of quality management by means of opening technology patents and providing necessary training.

In March, 2021, Hello Inc. issued the first carbon neutrality proposal in the sharing travel industry, and set the goal and realization path of carbon neutrality including travel and manufacturing. On National Low Carbon Day in August, the company promised to achieve zero carbon emissions by the end of 2025 and will regularly disclose its progress in the matter.

According to the report, by the end of 2021, Hello Inc. had 530 million registered users and its business has spread to more than 400 cities throughout the country. In this report, the company described that its envisaged urban transportation system should have four characteristics: standardization, inclusiveness, safety and environmentally green. It expounded the core logic of launching the “0530 Urban Security Plan”: bike-sharing management is an important part of urban standardized management. Nowadays, the above plan has become the assessment standard of government departments in many places.

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In rural areas, Hello Inc. has reached agreements with more than 40 townships in 8 provinces across the country, providing nearly 10,000 bikes for sharing to help improve the basic transportation network.