Head of JD.com International Yan Xiaobing to Retire Next Year

Yan Xiaobing, the head of JD.com International, announced on Tuesday his decision to retire after the Chinese Spring Festival next year due to family and physical reasons. Daniel Tan, the former president of JD Retail Communications Division, will take over his position, LatePost reported on Thursday.

Yan Xiaobing joined JD.com in 2012 as the general manager of the Household Appliances Division. In January, 2018, JD.com integrated ten business divisions into three major business groups: fast-moving consumer goods, electronic entertainment and fashion, with Wang Xiaosong, Yan Xiaobing and Hu Shengli as the presidents of the business groups, respectively, all reporting directly to JD.com CEO Liu Qiangdong.

At the beginning of 2019, JD.com began to implement a core executive rotation plan. Wang Xiaosong and Hu Shengli were transferred from their original posts on the same day, except Yan Xiaobing. Hu Shengli left JD.com in January this year, while Wang Xiaosong is now the head of JD.com‘s OBM.

In September 2020, Yan Xiaobing took over JD.com‘s international business and began reporting directly to Liu Qiangdong. At the same time, JD.com integrated its international business into three teams: cross-border, commercial logistics and local station.

Yan Xiaobing is the fifth person in charge of JD.com International. When he took over, JD.com attached unprecedented importance to its international business.

Now, Daniel Tan, who has joined JD.com for less than two years, will take over international business from Yan Xiaobing. A person familiar with JD.com thinks that most leaders of JD.com International came from domestic firms, while Daniel was more familiar with overseas markets.

According to LatePost, at least six senior executives of JD.com have left their posts or retired in 2021. Except Liao Jianwen, the former chief strategy officer of JD.com, who retired due to illness, most of them were concentrated in the non-main business of JD.com.

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In the past two years, many executives of internet companies have retired, such as Zhang Yaqin, the former president of Baidu, Wang Huiwen, co-founder of Meituan, Wu Wenhui, founder of China Literature, and Huang Xuande, former CFO of JD.com. There are also executives who have quit front-line business management, such as Pinduoduo‘s former chairman Huang Zheng and ByteDance’s founder Zhang Yiming.