Harbinger Robots Secures Investment From Sequoia China Seed Fund

Harbinger Robots has recently completed pre-A round financing from lead investor Sequoia China Seed Fund and co-investor Linear Capital, which also participated in the firm’s angel round.

The funds are to be allocated mainly for product approval, clinical trials, cooperation with hospitals and R&D of new robots.

Ultrasonography, as the most critical program in medical imaging examination, enjoys advantages such as low costs, no radiation and wide clinical application, and has been growing rapidly in recent years. According to the data from China’s National Health Commission, there are about 220,000 sets of ultrasonic equipment in the country, covering medical institutions at all levels and supporting up to 2 billion ultrasonic examinations every year. However, the number of registered ultrasonic doctors in China is only slightly over 120,000.

Ultrasound examination relies on doctors’ experience and techniques, which are essential in capturing diagnostic images. Meanwhile, smarter products and innovative system solutions are required to fundamentally address the limited number of ultrasound doctors in the short term.

Harbinger Robots was established in August 2020. The company is deeply involved in core technologies such as force control robotics, telepresence compliant teleoperation, multimodal perception and edge artificial intelligence. It is committed to developing intelligent remote ultrasonic robotics, autonomous ultrasonic scanning robotics, ultrasonic interventional surgery robotics, and so on. It intends to meet both short-term and long-term market demand of AI-powered ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment.

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Two members of the firm’s founding team graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology. The staff bring complete know-how regarding the research, development, manufacturing and application of mechanical arms. Harbinger Robots has developed the world’s first 7-degree force-controlled intelligent remote ultrasonic robot, and is in cooperation with many top three hospitals in Beijing, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning. It has applied for nearly 40 separate intellectual property rights.