Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition Sees Huge Gathering of Automakers

On December 30, the 20th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition officially opened. The last auto show of this year, covering 220,000 square meters, has attracted many car companies that hope to stimulate consumers’ enthusiasm for buying cars during the New Year’s Day holiday.

New Energy Vehicle Brands

JIDU, a smart vehicle company with joint investment from Baidu and Geely, unveiled its ROBO-01 standard version vehicle and the new pure electric coupe ROBO-02. NIO‘s new ES8 and EC7 will also appear at this auto show. Li Auto‘s L9 and L8 were unveiled, and its first five-seat SUV L7 will be released on February 8, 2023.

Hycan released the first pure electric flagship MPV V09 whose design follows the Concept-M car released at last year’s auto show in Guangzhou. Based on the pure electric architecture, the new model is Hycan’s first MPV with an 800V high voltage system.

Geely’s Zeekr brought its M-Vision concept car. Based on the SEA-M architecture, it will be mass-produced in 2024. The Zeekr 001 and 009 also appeared at the booth. The company had set a target of delivering 70,000 vehicles throughout 2022 and, as of last week, the target had been completed ahead of schedule.

(Source: Zeekr)

Chinese Traditional Car Enterprises

BYD’s Denza D9 pure electric version made its debut. The plug-in hybrid version of the Denza D9 went on sale in August this year with a price tag of 389,800-459,800 yuan ($56,503 – $66,650). The pure electric version is based on BYD’s E-platform 3.0 and is equipped with an eight-in-one motor, heat pump with temperature range of -30 to 60 degrees, blade battery, and a battery life of 600+ kilometers. The maximum charging power of the new car is 166kW, which can add a battery life of 230 kilometers after charging for 15 minutes, while the charging time from 30% to 80% is 30 minutes.

Great Wall Motor unveiled the TANK 500 PHEV and TANK 300 Cyberknight. The latter is jointly built by TANK and CYBERSPACE, with a pre-sale price ranging from 330,000 yuan to 350,000 yuan.

WEY, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motor, released its first flagship six-seat medium and large SUV which is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system including a 1.5T engine, an electric motor and a ternary lithium battery pack. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the pure electric cruising range of the new vehicle under WLTC conditions is 180 kilometers, and the cruising range of WLTC exceeds 1,200 kilometers.

(Source: Great Wall Motor)

Joint Ventures

GAC Mitsubishi unveiled their brand-new Outlander model with a price range from 169,800 yuan to 229,800 yuan. Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck was pre-sold at this auto show for 270,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan.

GAC Toyota released its fifth generation dual-engine hybrid technology. According to the plan, the company will release 12 dual-engine products in 2023. Dongfeng Honda exhibited a new hatchback with 6 versions and prices ranging from 145,900 yuan to 179,900 yuan. FAW Toyota’s new SportCross has released two models with pre-sale prices of 369,000 yuan and 429,000 yuan respectively.

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“The efficiency of car companies using the auto show to release new cars and display technologies is much higher than organizing activities alone,” an executive of a car company told Cailian Press. “Although there have been many online activities in recent years, consumers prefer to watch new cars through offline channels. The resumption of the Guangzhou Auto Show is good news for car companies. It will relieve some of their sales pressure and boost the auto market next year.”