Guangdong Consumer Council Scheduled Regulatory Meeting with Seven Major E-Commerce Platforms to Discuss Unqualified Products

To promote the rectification of the problems found in its investigation, improve the online shopping environment and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the Consumer Council of Guangdong Province summoned seven large e-commerce platforms, namely Taobao, Kuaishou, Pinduoduo,, Tmall and Vipshop, to attend a regulatory talk on Tuesday.

At the meeting, the Guangdong Consumer Council said it recently investigated 600 online products and found that more than half of them had no name, no address, no production date nor sanitation license code. The Council also found other problems such as missing key information of products, false labeling, inconsistent information between webpages and goods, and evidence of reviews that had been paid for.

The Council urged e-commerce companies to strengthen their platform governance and to strictly manage the quality of products they offer.

The Council also required e-commerce platforms to perform several other duties, both in their business and for society as a whole. The requirements include: to implement legal responsibilities and protect the rights and interests of consumers, shoulder social responsibilities and take the initiative to play a leading role in the industry, abide by the law and be honest in their dealings, standardize their operations, and work actively to keep the online consumption environment clean and appropriate for all consumers.

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The enterprises that attended the meeting responded that they would make the rectifications in due time  according to the investigation results.