Global Game Community Metaverse Z Completes Round-A Financing

Metaverse Z, a game community for Gen Z consumers all over the world, recently announced its completion of round-A financing totaling $10 million. This round was led by Ventech China, followed by Welight Capital, MSA Capital, Sinovation Ventures and Edge Ventures, with Snaptrans Capital acting as the exclusive financial consultant.

Headquartered in Singapore, Metaverse Z is currently the fastest-growing Web3 gaming community and social application in the world. Metaverse Z provides a multi-dimensional social space based on interests and scenarios for Gen Z users who pursue self-expression and have a strong sense of belonging. Users can establish self-network identities, make friends through matching recommendations, conduct real-time voice chat, initiate and participate in interest circles, go to parties and so on.

At present, the MAU of the app reaches 700,000, and the daily online time of users exceeds 50 minutes. The app’s current users are mainly concentrated in Latin America, and the company will enter the global markets of Europe, America and Southeast Asia next.

Yin, the founder and CEO of Metaverse Z, said: “Metaverse Z hopes to open its game community, help game developers and gamers establish dialogue and interaction mechanisms, share ideas, improve game experiences and reach more overseas players. Our community also allows gamers to make friends, get closer, discover good games through these relationship chains, and play together. At the same time, Metaverse Z also plans to gradually enhance the background operation system of game developers, provide advanced game developer services, and join hands with game manufacturers at home and abroad to explore the international market.”

The Metaverse Z team comes from Google, Microsoft, Tencent and other major tech firms. Founder and CEO Yin once founded social products with more than 50 million users in the United States.

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After this round of financing, Metaverse Z will launch a cooperation plan for high-quality games in China, and selected game developers will be supported by overseas users and game community operations. In addition, Metaverse Z plans to expand its NFT business, so that users can browse and trade digital assets on Metaverse Z in the future.