Genshin Impact Music Played at Beijing Winter Olympics

On February 11, Genshin Impact, an action role-playing game from Chinese developer miHoYo, announced that the game’s music team had participated in the establishment of a music library for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and that the music created by them was successfully selected. The music was applied to related sports exhibitions.

The company pointed out that the music classification, track selection, input and bilingual labeling of the music library have been tested in a comprehensive way through test activities and series of trial competitions, so as to ensure its participation in the Winter Olympic Games music library. The establishment of the sports exhibition music library for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, which is under the responsibility of Beiao Group, has been successfully delivered.

On February 11, the official account of HOYO-MiX, a music studio by miHoYo, released an exhibition video of the National Speed Skating Oval on video platform Bilibili. The background music used the in-game soundtrack “Contemplation in Snow,” which caused a heated discussion among Genshin Impact players.

Many people commented that the music is full of the “sense of science and technology,” which, combined with the game plot of snow-capped mountains behind the music, perfectly fits the scene of the Winter Olympics.

Among the selected music, “Jade Moon” and “Rapid as Wildfires,” which come from the Jade Moon area in the fantasy world of Genshin Impact, has added traditional Chinese folk elements such as a flute, guzheng, pipa and erhu, delivering strong charm of Chinese culture.

The song “Contemplation in Snow” is played in the snow-capped areas of the game, focusing on creating the atmosphere of an ice and snow world. It echoes the theme of ice and snow sports, and the rhythmic melody brings a sense of high spirits.

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Sports background music can change the atmosphere of the arena, but also is a key to show the culture of the host country to athletes and audiences.

Prior to this, the music of Genshin Impact had become famous several times within the gaming community. When the game plot PV “Goddess Splitting View” was first launched, it immediately won the first place in the hot list of Bilibili. Many famous opera actors personally joined to sing it. In addition, on September 28, 2021, the Chinese Embassy in Italy held an online reception that used many tracks made by Genshin Impact.