General Motors Conducts Autonomous Driving Road Tests in Shanghai with Chinese Company Momenta’s AI Technology

Recently, General Motors has been granted the qualification for Intelligent Connected Vehicle(ICV) road testing in Shanghai and is conducting Level 4 autonomous driving tests within designated demonstration areas.

The first phase of this road test is planned for one year, mainly conducted within the Shanghai Jinqiao Intelligent Connected Vehicle Testing and Demonstration Zone. This road test will leverage Momenta’s AI technology to accelerate algorithm iteration, laying the foundation for General Motors’ future higher-level autonomous driving testing and operations in China.

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According to the official introduction from Momenta, the company is a “world-leading autonomous driving technology company” that has pioneered a new path for scalable unmanned driving. They achieve this through data-driven technological insights and Flywheel & Two-Leg Strategy, enabling the large-scale application of Mpilot (mass production autonomous driving) and MSD (Momenta Self-Driving), aiming to “comprehensively improve future travel experiences.”

After more than two months since ZEKU, a chip design company under OPPO, in May this year, several former ZEKU management members have recently joined the Chinese autonomous driving company Momenta. This includes ZEKU’s COO Li Zonglin, Director of Software Department Jia Mingjun, Senior Director of SoC 2 Department Yu Guojun and nearly ten middle-level managers under him. Momenta’s significant recruitment of talents from the chip industry is related to its new strategic layout. Led by Li Zonglin, they may establish a new department with the aim of developing autonomous driving chips.