Gen Z Becomes Largest Group of Internet Users in China: Report

The number of post-90s internet users set a new record, reaching 362 million in July 2020 and surpassing the post-80s generation to become the main force of the mobile internet, QuestMobile report showed.

Gen Z users have gradually increased their dependence on the Internet. Monthly online use time exceeded 10,000 minutes, with year-on-year growth amounting to 26.6%. Average daily use time increased 24.8% year on year to 447.7 minutes, or nearly 7.5 hours.

According to QuestMobile report, post-90s users living in first-tier cities are more active than post-90s users living in other city grades. People with higher incomes spend more time on the internet than those with lower incomes.

Gen Z’s income has been polarized, with 25% earning more than 10,000 yuan a month, 25.9% earning less than 4,000 yuan a month, and more than 30% having less than 60,000 yuan in savings.

In the field of e-commerce, Alibaba Group has gradually become the most popular gathering place of the post-90s generation, according to the report. The active penetration rate of mobile Taobao is as high as 73.3%. Pinduoduo is the most frequently used shopping app, with an average usage of nearly 100 times per month.

In terms of shopping consumption, the penetration rates of Taobao (73.3%), (28.8%), Pinduoduo (22.4%), Xianyu (11.7%) and Vipshop (8.0%) are the top five. Male users are more interested in shopping guide sharing and digital e-commerce, while female users prefer community e-commerce, the report said.

Mango TV and Bilibili are the most popular online video platforms among Gen Z due to their active product characteristics.

TikTok and Kuaishou are absolute “time killers” among post-90s users, with an average 250 sessions per month averaging 1,000 minutes a month, the report said.

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Male and female users of Gen Z have obvious differences in preferences for video apps. “Male users who like playing games prefer to watch live games on Douyu and Huya, while female users who are infatuated with idols love to watch Korean dramas on apps like Mango TV.”

Post-90s users have rich preferences for mobile games, and many games such as flight shooting, board game and elimination games are popular. Honor of Kings and The Peace Elite are the top picks of the post-90s generation, the report said.

As creativity continues to flow through various social media platforms, tech innovation may win more likes and attention from post-90s fans.