Geely’s Farizon Auto Small Truck E200S Heads to Chile

Geely-owned new energy vehicle brand Farizon Auto sent a batch of E200S small trucks from Shenzhen Port to Chile on November 10.  Followed by Farizon’s vehicle delivery to Costa Rica in June 2022, the shipment marks Farizon’s continuous market expansion in South America.

Farizon Auto and Chile’s Voltera once again collaborated to ship the E200S small truck. Popular in global markets, the model has excellent acceleration performance and good gradeability, with a cargo compartment volume of 11.2 m³ and a cab width of about 1750mm.

The model adopts a design in which its cargo compartment and car body are independent of each other, thus greatly improving the safety and performance of the vehicle and prolonging its durability. In terms of smart functions, functions such as energy recovery and 4G intelligent networking bring a more convenient and interconnected car experience to users.

(Source: Farizon Auto)

Voltera is the first automobile company focusing on clean energy in Chile and has extensive experience in electric vehicle sales. Its business covers fast charging, after-sales service, electric vehicle maintenance and financing, and AI management of IoT system. It is a partner of Farizon Auto in South America.

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Farizon Auto has accelerated their overseas business, and many new energy products have been exported to Asia-Pacific, South America and the Middle East including countries like South Korea, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Denmark. In the future, it will make a strategic entrance into Europe while gradually establishing and improving its overseas product compliance development system, local R&D centers, and business export models. It will also establish core knock-down factories and localized operation companies.

In June this year, the light truck E200 and small truck E200S of Farizon Auto were assembled at Tianjin Port and sent to Costa Rica. In the second half of this year, the company accelerated the exploration of overseas markets, and its products will be exported to Chile, Israel, South Korea and other countries.

Farizon Auto is also favored in the capital markets this year. On October 26, it announced that it completed a Pre-A round of financing exceeding $300 million, and will continue to start the A round of financing in the near future. Introducing high-quality assets is conducive to fully developing the strategic coordination between the product market and the capital market, and realizing the drive of the two markets. In the future, the company will further increase investment in R&D, speed up market layout and ecological construction, and consolidate and enhance its leading position in the new energy commercial vehicle market.