Geely to Launch Commercial Vehicle Homtruck in Small Batches in 2023

On August 28, Zhejiang Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicles Group Co., Ltd. announced plans to release an intelligent luxury heavy-duty vehicle called “Homtruck” in small batches by the end of 2023. Homtruck comes with two power chains, a methanol extended-range electric drive axle and multi-motor central electric drive, and it will achieve a breakthrough 1000 km range for new energy heavy trucks.

Homtruck H is equipped with the world’s first i-MPS multi-motor flexible torque central electric drive chain developed by Geely for new energy commercial vehicles. It allows for 16 operating modes and is designed for commercial vehicles with a full range of operating conditions.

(Source: Geely)

At the 2022 Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Innovation Ecology Conference, Geely released two new energy heavy-duty trucks: the Homtruck G2M methanol tractor and the Homtruck M7 electric mixer.

At the same conference, Fan Xianjun, the CEO of Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, said the group would focus on new energy heavy-duty trucks. By 2026, it is to achieve the goal of 50,000 units of battery exchange (extended-range power exchange) heavy trucks and 50,000 units of methanol heavy trucks.

Homtruck H (Source: Geely)

Geely says it will do its best to build a perfect ecology based on green and intelligent new-generation commercial vehicles, covering energy, transportation, low-carbon manufacturing, finance and other dimensions. The company will also provide customers with a whole chain of integrated solutions through the combination of industry chains and innovative exploration of business models.

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Also, Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group has created three major platforms – Green Huilian, Green Intelligent Power Exchange Transportation Service Platform, I Oneworld + Sunshine Mingdao, and Chunqing Technology (Alcohol Hydrogen) – in order to realize the synergistic development among three elements: vehicles and cargo, vehicles and energy, and vehicles and environment. These platforms are used to jointly improve the intelligent green energy transportation services network.