Geely Releases Panda Knight Mini Electric Vehicle: Supports Fast or Slow Charging

On August 28th, Geely’s sub-brand, the Panda family, added a new model called the Panda Knight. This car is positioned as an A00-level micro-electric vehicle and supports both fast charging and slow charging methods. It is planned to be launched in early September with no announced price yet.

Currently, more official images and configuration information of the new car have been released. In terms of appearance, the Panda Knight adopts the design style of an off-road SUV, with a square body shape and elements such as black grille, front and rear bumpers, scratch-resistant wheel arches, etc. It also has decorative handles, side steps, roof racks, etc. The car offers three personalized body colors: White, Green and Brown.

The dimensions of the Panda Knight are similar to the previous Panda Mini, with a length, width, and height of 3135/1565/1655 millimeters respectively, and a wheelbase of 2015 millimeters. The rear seats of the car can be folded down, providing a storage space of up to 800 liters, which can accommodate 4 pieces of luggage.

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There are two color schemes available for the interior of the car: Green and White. The seats are made of thick synthetic leather material, providing good support and wrapping. In addition, the car is equipped with a 9.2-inch color instrument panel, an 8-inch central control screen, a contrasting dual-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel, knob-style gearshift mechanism, and other technological features. It also supports seamless smartphone connectivity, remote control through an app, mobile Bluetooth key functions, and more.

In terms of safety performance, the Panda Knight is equipped with driver’s side airbags, 2 sets of child safety seat interfaces, tire pressure warning system, and adopts front MacPherson independent suspension, EPS electronic power steering, ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake force distribution, low-speed creep function, uphill assist system and other technologies.

In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with a single permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 30 kilowatts and peak torque of 110 Newton-meters. The battery pack is provided by Gotion Hi-Tech and consists of lithium iron phosphate batteries. The pure electric range reaches 200 kilometers. The vehicle supports two types of energy replenishment methods: 22-kilowatt DC fast charging and 3.3-kilowatt slow charging. When using commercial fast charging stations, the charging time from 30% to 80% battery capacity takes half an hour. It also offers two driving modes (NORMAL / SPORT) and three levels of energy recovery (high / medium / low).