Geely Denies Plagiarizing Technology From Chery

Chinese automotive firm Geely on August 2 denied reports claiming that its Leishen powertrain dedicated hybrid transmission (DHT) technology had been copied from its competitor, Chery.

Previously, some web users posted on an automobile information discussion platform that Geely’s hybrid car team members are all from Chery. They also claimed that Geely had applied for patents later than Chery for its hybrid technology, and that the DHT Pro patents are practical patents, which suggests that Geely “does not dare” to apply for invention patents.

With regard to maliciously fabricating false information and spreading rumors, Geely said that it has collected and fixed relevant evidence, and reserves the right to charge infringers. Geely also requested rumor initiators to immediately stop the infringement and delete relevant content.

The firm further clarified that the patent of Geely’s 3-speed DHT Pro appearing in the false pictures circulating online is actually the protection patent of other projects.

According to documents disclosed by Geely, the domestic patent of the DHT Pro program was applied for in August 2018 and disclosed in January 2019, while the international patent about it was applied for in March 2019 and made public in February 2020.

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Geely’s 3-speed DHT Pro scheme’s transmission model is different from the patent applied for by Chery in 2019. Geely owns the complete intellectual property rights of the scheme which has been authorized in China, the US and Japan. The products adapting the scheme had already been mass-produced by the end of 2021.

In 2021, Geely noted that it would realize full electrification and rank first in the hybrid model market, with the support of Leishen hybrid technology.