Geely Achieves World’s First Autonomous Drifting with AI Digital Chassis Technology

On March 27th, Chinese automaker Geely announced that, based on its self-developed AI digital chassis, it has recently achieved the world’s first autonomous drifting for cars. From the official GIF released, the test vehicle can be seen autonomously driving and drifting on icy roads, continuously adjusting its posture to maintain the drift.

It is explained that autonomous drifting for cars is a crucial component of Geely’s AI digital chassis technology, showcasing the company’s interdisciplinary fusion capabilities in various fields such as AI large models, digital chassis, and intelligent driving. The integrated perception large model algorithm of hardware and software can real-time perceive and predict the vehicle’s status; millisecond-level wire-controlled steering controls the drift direction; and the wheel-side motor with fine torque vector control provides real-time power distribution for drifting.

Geely Auto stated that with the technology of autonomous drifting for cars, basic abilities like crab walking and tank turning can be easily achieved. Intelligent electric vehicles based on the technology of autonomous drifting for cars can offer users a higher level of intelligent safety assistance, such as stronger active avoidance and braking. Additionally, in scenarios such as recovering the vehicle during fishtailing, assisting in drifting in fixed locations, and avoiding obstacles during extreme traffic conditions, users can expect a more intelligent and secure driving experience.

The company plans to accelerate the application of high-end new energy technologies such as AI digital chassis to mainstream products, aiming to mass-produce them in Geely’s models like Geely Galaxy and Lynk & Co by next year at the latest.

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