Game Space to Launch NFT AirDrops for Steam Players

Game Space, the industry’s first “GameFi-as-a-Service” (GaaS) platform, announced on July 25 that it will open an NFT AirDrop event for “one billion Steam players”, aiming to reward the attention and interest of its users.

In order to access the new offerings, users will need to download the Game Space Wallet Application, log in and bind their Steam account on the homepage, and click to claim the reward. The most important reference factors for the AirDrops are the user’s Steam account registration time. At present, the Game Space Wallet Application has been listed on the overseas App Store and Google Play.

All Steam users can receive an exclusive Game Space badge, which is not for resale. Steam users who have registered for less than one year can receive a bronze badge. Steam users who have registered for one to two years can receive a bronze badge and a Level1 Merge Bird NFT. Steam users who have registered for two to three years can receive a silver badge and a Level2 Merge Bird NFT. Finally, Steam users who have registered for more than three years can receive a Gold badge and a Level3 Merge Bird NFT.

With 100,000 accumulated matchmaking trades of GameFi NFTs, Game Space may launch new utilities for badge holders in the next phase, such as being whitelisted for future new game releases, eligibility to join subscription and invitation games, airdrop tokens, and more. At present, the official Game Space community has started airdrop-related warm-up activities.

Game Space hopes to connect Steam with its GaaS platform and become the first stop for gamers to enter the Web3 world. Gamers can freely switch between applications on multiple platforms, bringing the open Web3 world to every traditional gamer without barriers.

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In addition, Game Space can also help any gaming company provide a full range of technical and business model support, such as AirDrop marketing for traditional gamers. Through the SDK provided by Game Space, the development can allow game manufacturers’ games or apps to have the same blockchain functions as STEPN in as little as seven days, including embedded the NFT Marketplace, multi-chain deployment, and Mystery boxes, Auctions, AirDrops and other primary market distribution functions.