GAC Motor Releases New Hybrid SUV Emkoo

Chinese automobile brand GAC Motor released a compact SUV model “Emkoo” on Thursday morning, with a design based on GPMA architecture. However, the mass production delivery time and price of the new model have not been announced yet. It is expected to be launched in the second half of this year.

The front of the new model adopts a V-shaped array design, a radial-shape grille, and its headlights on both sides are an inverted L-shape, giving it a strong technological sense. It has a low front and high rear, with a linear shape. The rear part of the car body design are “lightsaber taillights,” giving off a futuristic vibe.

(Source: GAC Motor)

In terms of power, it features the 2.0 ATK high-efficiency Atkinson engine and GMC 2.0 electromechanical coupling system. In addition, it will be equipped with the Mega Wave Power 1.5T GDI engine and Mega Wave Power 2.0T GDI engine, providing three power engine combinations.

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In terms of battery life, the Emkoo hybrid version full of gasoline can drive 1,711 km with a fuel consumption of 3.2 L per 100 km.

The new model is equipped with 27 intelligent sensing hardware components, adopting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip and featuring ADIGO intelligent interconnected ecosystem self-developed by GAC Motor, which can control the intelligent cockpit system and intelligent driving system as a whole.

(Source: GAC Motor)

In addition, its intelligent cockpit not only provides a variety of intelligent services, but also allows users to enjoy various user-defined modes.

Moreover, Emkoo’s autonomous parking function supports eight parking modes – even 1,000 meter long-distance memory parking. It also provides L2 autonomous driving functionalities.