From Creation to Value: Understanding Huang Yuxing’s Blue Chip NFT Series “Meta-morphic”

Art NFTs are bringing about a new wave of collectors, a closer relationship between artists and their community, and a greater appreciation for digital and generative art practices. However, the vastness of the NFT market can make it challenging to discover top artworks. LiveArt provides a curated experience for discovering and purchasing artworks.

LiveArt’s team brings decades of experience in the art industry, as well as cutting-edge Web3 practices. Since its establishment, LiveArt has successfully launched popular events such as the LiveArt Membership NFT and the LiveArtX Global 100.

On September 7, 2022, LiveArt announced its launch of “Meta-morphic,” a genesis Generative Art, multi-chapter NFT collection from Huang Yuxing. The LiveArt community has expanded across the world, with many communities showing huge interest in this NFT collection. Thousands of people have joined the allowlist for Meta-morphic, which is set to be the next NFT Blue Chip project.

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As a world-renowned contemporary artist, Huang Yuxing set a personal auction record of HK$64.83 million at the 2021 Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Auction, and is a recognized leader in contemporary art.

Meta-morphic: An artistic expression derived from a philosophy about nature

Huang Yuxing’s staggering art market performance signifies his huge popularity in the traditional art world. In 2021, with turnover of over 100 million Chinese renminbi, Huang Yuxing was among the top three contemporary artists in the Chinese art market that year. In the Fall 2021 auction at Christie’s Hong Kong, Huang Yuxing’s work “Seven Treasure Pines” set a personal auction record of HK$64.83 million. In the past decade, Huang Yuxing’s solo exhibitions have been held all over the world, and in collaboration with Beyotime, Whitehead Gallery and König Galerie, all of which have been highly successful.

Huang Yuxing’s deeply personal and visually striking artistic style captures the attention of top collectors and brands. Huang Yuxing is widely recognized for paintings that reflect and preserve the process of their creation. His work’s exceptional synthesis of styles has broad appeal, with imagery that calls back to traditional Chinese landscape painting rendered in an ultra-contemporary neon palette that verges on abstraction. In 2012, Huang Yuxing created works including Trees, Trap and Melting Pot. Rich fluorescent color meets conical and elliptical geometric icons, forming a unique landscape and pushing Huang’s creation to the next stage.

The earliest River and Bubbles were also created at this time. In this series of works, neon colors of different thicknesses overlap and intersect, and the smooth curves form bubbles of different sizes, with strong and sensual colors. While Rivers and Bubbles are inspired by nature, Treasure is inspired from within. The infinite repetition of the oval shape, protean in form, creates a sense of surrealist dynamism. These creative elements are important themes within Meta-morphic.

Huang Yuxing, Seven Treasure Pines, Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Auction 2021
Sold Price: HK$64.83 million (Photo provided to Pandaily)

The Meta-morphic collection will generate a total of 2,197 unique gemstone NFTs, centered on the seven treasures. The basis for each gemstone derives from new works by Huang Yuxing, brought to life under the artistic direction of London design studio Hato and the production expertise of Plinth. Each of the 2,197 treasures will be sold as mystery boxes. To purchase one of the treasures, please join the Accesslist.

The seven types of treasures are Coral, Agate, Pearl, Gold, Silver, Seashell, and Turquoise. Each gemstone serves as a symbol of good fortune, an embodiment of human wisdom and a deep philosophical connotation of nature.

Gemstones, composed of minerals, have evolved over tens of thousands of years. The evolutions of the universe are marked in the minerals. Minerals also form the richness of paint itself. Gemstones are records of time, history, and transformation, and each one is associated with specific powers and symbolic meaning.

Through the Meta-morphic collection, Huang Yuxing hopes to lead people to understand the mysteries of the changing universe and the beauty of natural philosophy, and to bestow the blessings that the seven treasures contain.

(Photo provided to Pandaily)

Meta-morphic: The perfect merge of crypto and art

Huang Yuxing has established a strong collaboration with LiveArt, a leading digital art platform.

(Source: LiveArt)

LiveArt is a premium NFT platform that connects the art world with Web3. With unique technology built by art industry leaders, LiveArt brings creators, collaborators, and collectors into the metaverse. Artists can mint their works in the Creator Hub with powerful rights management and unbreakable resale royalties. Collectors can access a curated selection of only the best artworks on the LiveArt Marketplace. The White Label Suite enables galleries and museums to launch and manage their own NFT marketplaces, or work with the LiveArt Studio and our partners to curate and market drops. Moreover, the Developer Lab empowers the most advanced coders to work with our innovative technology.

The Founders of LiveArt joined forces after holding core positions at the world’s top auction houses – Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Decades of industry experience makes LiveArt perfectly placed to provide a top curated digital art platform.

Meta-morphic showcases Huang Yuxing’s journey into Web3. Through 3D design and  algorithmic programming, each NFT presents a gemstone held in a multi-dimensional space, along with varying traits.

Visual effect display of the Meta-morphic series of NFT blind boxes (Photo provided to Pandaily)

LiveArt has cultivated a community of over 300,000 members in the global art market. As an important bridge between Web2 and Web3 art, LiveArt has carved out a collection of top Web3 projects.

The LiveArtX Global 100 event saw more than 100 artists from more than 50 countries around the world create top quality artworks, while more than 20,000 Golden Pass NFTs were issued for users to participate and vote on-chain.

LiveArt provides bespoke technical services, as well as its cooperation with Everest Ventures Group (early investors in Dapper Labs, Immutable X, Sandbox) to achieve pioneering technical developments.

Meta-morphic launches on September 23, and the allowlist can be accessed here.

(Photo provided to Pandaily)

Meta-morphic: Rules and Value Analysis

The Meta-morphic NFT collection will be minted on Ethereum, and a total of 2,197 gemstone NFTs of seven types will be generated: Coral, Agate, Pearl, Gold, Silver, Seashell, and Turquoise.

Each type of NFT possesses different traits:

  • Chemicals: determined by the composition of the gemstone’s elements.
  • Color: different colors for different types of gemstone NFTs.
  • Shape: round, oval, square, irregular, etc.
  • Background: water, swirls, mountains, tree trunks, etc.
  • Blessing: each type of gemstone contains a good blessing, either peace and happiness or longevity.

Among the 2,197 NFTs:

  • 2,000 NFTs will be offered for sale as mystery blind boxes.
  • 100 NFTs will be included in the project treasury.
  • 97 NFTs will be distributed to community members through a pre-launch marketing campaign, while the rules and list will be announced on official social media.

Each mystery blind box will contain a gemstone NFT. Lucky collectors will also own a benefit blind box for an artist-derived surprise reward! In addition, 2,000 Mystery Blind Boxes will be brought to the community in two phases:

  • Pre-Sale Phase: 800 mystery blind boxes will be distributed in this phase. Early participating community members, LiveArt membership NFT holders, LiveArt Global 100 event winning artists and exclusive partners can apply to participate in the pre-sale and Mint for 1.2 ETH. The official mint goes live on September 23.
  • Public Sale Phase: 1,200 mystery blind boxes will be distributed in this phase. Collectors can get an allowlist and participate in the public sale at 1.5 ETH by completing the tasks set by the official. Specific details can be found on LiveArt‘s official Twitter account.

It is worth mentioning that Meta-morphic holders can enjoy diverse rights and benefits, including but not limited to the ability to participate in future chapters of Meta-morphic and eligibility for other utilities such as a LiveArt airdrop.


As the launch of “Meta-morphic” is approaching, the allowlist and Mint-related activities led by LiveArt will be held one after another. Through AMAs, interactions, and our Medium blog, users can get in-depth insights into the NFT series, behind-the-scenes anecdotes and more future development plans.