Four Scientists Awarded 2019 Future Science Prize for Innovative Contribution

The 2019 Future Science Awards ceremony was successfully held on Sunday, November 17, in Beijing to congratulate the various breakthroughs and achievements made by the Chinese scientific community. Four scientists, namely Shao Feng, Wang Yifang, Lu Jinbiao and Wang Xiaoyun, were awarded the 2019 Future Science Award for their outstanding contribution to their respective fields of study.

The Future Science Prize Ceremony is an annual science and research development event, where notable figures in the scientific community gather under one roof to witness and discuss significant scientific achievements and breakthroughs.

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Zhang Lei, rotating chairman of the Future Forum Council, spoke at the event, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and information in determining the degree of human advancement as a civilization. He explained that the Future Science Forum was established to promote the values of thinking outside of the box and having fun with science.

Shao Feng, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs at NIBS (National Institute of Biological Sciences), was awarded the “2019 Life Sciences Award” for the discovery made in the field of endotoxin LPS inflammatory response.

Physicists Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao was awarded the “2019 Physics Award” for their outstanding discovery made in the scientific field of neutrino oscillation, providing further possible explanations for matter-antimatter asymmetry.

Chinese cryptographer, mathematician, and computer scientist, Wang Xiaoyun, was awarded the “2019 Mathematics and Computer Science Award” for revealing the weakness of the widely accepted hash function in cryptography and offering a new standard for a more secure method of data encryption.