Founder Sky Li: Realme to Pursue “Simply Better” Product Strategy

Sky Li, the founder and CEO of Chinese consumer technology company realme, has published an open letter ahead of the firm’s fourth anniversary and “828 Fan Festival” on August 28, 2022.

Li wrote, “realme is now entering its second stage of growth as a startup, and in this next phase of our journey we will further refine our focus on targeted, long-term growth. This means an added focus on product quality and market focus.” In other words, realme will adhere to the “Simply Better” product strategy and a “Market Cultivation” strategy.

Realme’s R&D investment will increase by 58% year-on-year, with a focus on technological innovation. The Number Series will become its essential product line, packing essential tech into a stylish package with an accessible price tag.

(Source: realme)

Realme will launch its 9i 5G smartphone on August 18, and the 10 series will come soon in Q4. In terms of product design, realme will continue to adopt new patterns and materials, bringing products with trend-setting design and innovative performance to users around the world. The company is also opening up the opportunity for fans to participate in its AIoT product-development process, and with a joint efforts, it is expecting to deliver more user-centric AIoT products by 2023.

Focusing on its “Market Cultivation” strategy, realme will place particular focus on its two 10-million shipment markets while working towards building a core of fifteen 1-million shipment markets in three years. This shows realme’s commitment to building local teams, built upon local staff, local resources, and local knowledge with a more localized marketing approach.

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With its light assets, short channel modes, and e-commerce prioritization strategy, realme has also established an International E-Commerce Team to unify channel management and bring benefits to its users worldwide.

With its “Dare to Leap” spirit, realme keeps providing advanced performance and trendsetting design at reasonable prices for young people around the world. Propelled by continuing 5G adoption, realme became a fast growing 5G smartphone brand globally in Q4 of 2021, with 165% year-on-year growth.