Former Vice President of Huawei Product Line Yang Jian Joins Denglin Technology

Chinese computing processor chips provider, Denglin Technology, recently announced that Yang Jian, the former Vice Ppresident of Huawei’s Product Line, joined the company as its Vice President of Global Operations.

Yang has more than 25 years of experience in supply chain and strategic management. He was responsible for the strategic planning and digital transformation of the overall supply chain of Huawei’s Net & Enterprise Business Group, including its data center products, enterprise business, and base stations, that reached a scale of over $40 billion.

During Yang’s tenure as the head of Apple’s iPhone Supply Demand Management in China, he contributed to the balance of supply and demand and the improvement of production capacity of various iPhone models. 

Yang Jian commented about the recent switchover, “Joining Denglin Technology, I will devote myself to building an efficient and agile supply chain and customer-focusedoperation team. GPU+ is a GPU-based AI processor independently developed by the company. We will be customer-oriented, cooperate with our supply chain partners, and carry out high-quality and large-scale production, to build the company into a 100 billion yuan ($15.464 billion)-level AI chip platform company. “

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Headquartered in Shanghai, Denglin Technology focuses on providing computing platforms for emerging computing fields. Its products focus on system solutions based on chips. At present, its first Goldwasser series products based on the GPU+ architecture have been mass-produced and deployed into industries such as security, internet technology, and smart city devices.