Former CTO of Li Auto Joins Vision Plus Capital

Vision Plus Capital announced on Friday that Wang Kai, former CTO of Li Auto, joined the firm as an investment partner. In the future, Wang’s experience in the fields of new energy, autonomous driving and intelligent hardware, will help the company improve its portfolio.

As former CTO of Li Auto, Wang Kai was responsible for the research and development of advanced technologies of smart cars, including the company’s smart console, autonomous driving, computing platform and more.

Before joining Li Auto, Wang worked for German auto supplier Visteon as the global chief architect and director of the senior driver assistance system. From 2002 to 2012, Wang worked at Nokia, Detection Technology, Datang Microelectronics and Ark Technology Electronic.

Vision Plus Capital was founded in 2015 by Eddie Wu, co-founder and partner of Alibaba. Its team members are composed of experts who have served in core positions of first-line Internet companies and senior investors from other venture capitals. Up until now, Vision Plus Capital has made investments in more than 150 projects.

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Liu Yiran, partner of Vision Plus Capital, said: “We are early investors in Li Auto and have a good relationship with the company after our investment. In recent years, we have made great efforts to strengthen our investment in new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, semiconductor chips and IoT technology. In addition to Li Auto, we have also invested in Tuya Smart, Rokid, MINIEYE, QCraft and others in the field. We look forward to working with Wang Kai to continue to deepen our investment in science and technology.”