Forebright Capital Invests in’s A Round Financing recently announced the completion of its A-round financing worth tens of millions yuan. Forebright Capital was the exclusive investor for this round while Geyang Capital was the exclusive financial consultant. The funds are to be used to strengthen R&D and technical teams, and to invest in the upgrading of the company’s chip.

Established in September 2018, is based on a self-developed reconfigurable neural network engine and is engaged in developing AI chips and algorithms for intelligent speech recognition. Its products feature high performance, ultra-low power consumption, high recognition rate, low cost and strong algorithm scalability, and are suitable for smartphones, headphones and other categories.

Its product, the XS200X, features a low-power voice chip with core sound intelligence. The chip has been mass-produced, released and implemented around the world. This special front-end chip for speech recognition is based on the RISC-V architecture and has addressed problems brought on by previous ultra-low-power ADC, low-power PLL system designs. The chip also features a low-power digital system design and miniaturized packaging.

In its four years of operation, the core team has since developed chip solutions based on the RISC-V architecture. The team has been able to further hone its experience in cost control and technology development. At present, the market is highly homogenized, while the company’s chip has been distinguished for its RISC-V architecture and the consistency of power consumption, computing power and product performance.

In terms of business, has four departments consisting of travel, inter-communications, voiceprint unlocking and sound source positioning. Each sector is intertwined such that each segment is able to communicate with the other. For example, travel and intercom are mainly for the smart helmet market. is cooperating with the likes of to develop smart helmets for riders. The move is meant to help drivers complete order processing themselves while also answering phone calls. Furthermore, sound source positioning is being implemented for live-streaming and video teleconference situations.

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In 2022, is set to focuse on promoting offline voiceprint recognition in scenarios such as identity authentication and auxiliary unlocking. In addition, it expects to ship millions of its chips around the world for use in smart helmets, walkie-talkies, and more.